Types of Hernia

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Typically hernias are classified according to their location within the body. The most common hernias are found in the inguinal region (the groin). Para-umbilical hernias (around the tummy button) and femoral hernias (at the top of the leg) also frequently require repair.

Some patients develop a weakness at the site of previous operations. This is called an incisional hernia.

Each hernia type requires a specialist knowledge and technique for its assessment and repair. While some hernias may be best repaired under a general anaesthetic (with the patient asleep), others might be better fixed with the patient awake under spinal anaesthetic (with the patient numb from the waist down) or under local anaesthetic.

There are many different types of hernia repair methods. For some patients insertion of a mesh may be recommended, whereas for others a suture repair may be more appropriate.